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HOW TO KEEP YOUR LABRADOR HEALTHY: To provide your dog with a good quality of life, free of diseases and discomfort, you need to take proper care of their health. It only takes a few simple steps and considerations to ensure that your pup remains as healthy as possible. Here are a few tips on how to keep your dog healthy.

Diet is the key

Every aspect of your dog’s life revolves around his diet. Proper nutrition, a balanced diet, and regular exercise are imperative. In other words, you must keep an eye on what your dog consumes and adjust its diet as necessary as time goes by.

  • Obtain premium-quality dog food that is appropriate for the dog’s age.
  • Limit snacks to a healthy minimum and eat meals at the proper times.
  • Make meal portions appropriate to the dog’s age.
  • During the growing phase, or if the dog is engaging in more physical activity, it is a wise idea to increase the portions.

Exercise regularly

The amount of physical activity a dog receives is directly related to how much its body grows, repairs, and develops. A lack of exercise and a proper diet can lead to obesity in Labradors as well as various diseases. Making sure your pup gets some healthy and active exercise helps them metabolize their food and extract energy, leading to better growth and immunity.

  • Ensure your pup gets regular, intense exercise.
  • Play with them daily to keep their muscles active.
  • Make sure your pup stays hydrated.
  • During the summer months, physical activities increase, so adjust meals accordingly.

Establish A Routine

By incorporating meals, exercise, play, cleaning and hygiene, and sleep or relaxation into a set routine, you can help your puppy in multiple ways. First of all, it provides them with a sense of familiarity and discipline that will benefit them over time. Second, it helps their bodies adjust accordingly and create a defined circadian rhythm (sleep/wake schedule or body clock) that enhances growth, immunity, and mental development.

  • Maintain a schedule for meals and follow it.
  • Take time to relax and play independently.
  • Maintain the schedule as much as possible with minimal interruptions.

Maintain Good Hygiene

The importance of hygiene for humans and dogs alike cannot be overstated. It is important to keep your pup, their food and toys, and their environment clean to limit their exposure to harmful bacteria and pathogens that can affect their health.

  • Keep the pup clean at bedtime by cleaning it daily.
  • Clean the pup’s play area and sleeping area regularly.
  • Make sure blankets, beds, and toys are clean.


Follow these steps to keep your pup healthy, active, and fit with just a bit of effort and lots of love. A little discipline and consideration can mean the difference between your pup living a long and healthy life.

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