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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pet Movers in Singapore for Relocating Pets Overseas

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Covering thousands of miles to land in a foreign country can stress anyone. Some believe relocations can rank third for being tough on you after divorce and death. When you have a pet, you can imagine how much more difficult the situation becomes. Whether a cat or dog, you would want them to reach the destination safely and comfortably. You can ensure this by hiring the right relocation company for pets in Singapore. They should have skills and expertise in the area to follow all the rules and regulations of the original and destination country.

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Comprehensive pet relocation services

A reliable pet relocation service provider usually takes care of the entire transporting experience. They pick up your pet from the doorstep and send them to the airport. They settle them in the cargo compartment and deliver them to your new address. They ensure their safety and security in the entire process so you can relax and wait for your pet to reunite.

Higher care standards

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Some companies use the best airline services known for pet-friendliness. When you talk to an agency, find out what they recommend for your pet’s travel. A pet-safe airline team members will be deft with animal handling. They will keep their vehicle temperature well controlled to suit the animal. You can also rest assured that they will keep an eye on your pet throughout the journey. If you have to fly earlier than your pet, the niche airlines can help. However, you may have to spend more because of their quality care. Because of the weight factor, you may have to pay high freight prices for a large pet. Their ticket prices may vary based on your animal’s and their kennel’s weight. For example, if you’re flying with large dog such as a labrador, the airline can give you an estimated seating and freight charges.

Rules and regulations

Moving outside Singapore means you must check the pet-related laws of the destination country. Some places follow strict quarantine protocols before giving them entry. The procedure can be lengthy, ranging from a few days to one month. Sometimes, it can extend. Hence, learning everything about this is essential. Your pet relocation company should be clear about these things.

Veterinary help

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Whether it’s a short or long flight, some companies can insist on getting your pet checked by a vet to understand whether they can fly. It is necessary to obtain an examination certificate. Otherwise, airlines may not allow pets to travel. In the case of international travel, it becomes much more critical. To proceed, the airline may need a formal signal from the consignee to load and move the pet. Flight bookings can also be possible when all the paperwork is in place. If you have any doubts, you can talk to the moving company to understand how this system works. If they respond satisfactorily, you can be confident about your choice.

Your pet can be in stress because of the changes happening around them. Please ensure you choose the right company to send your pet to the selected destination with proper care.

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