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Do You Have Pets? Why Annual Wellness Exam is Important for Them? What Can You Expect?

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As a pet owner, you need to take every necessary step to ensure that your pet lives their life healthy. However, unlike humans, pets suffer from other types of diseases that might not be caught unless it’s too late. Many people assume that skipping the annual wellness exam won’t cause their pets any harm, especially when their pets don’t have any vaccination pending. This is one of the most common mistakes that will affect the overall well-being and health condition of your pet.

A yearly wellness exam is a crucial part of enhancing the health condition of your pet.

Remember that pets are masters at hiding the early signs and symptoms of diseases. Therefore, you might not be able to detect the root causes of the problems. But when you consider an annual check-up, you can get peace of mind. Continue reading the article to know more about the annual wellness exam for your pet.

The Vets Will Conduct Physical and Visual Exam Checklist

When you contact BetterVet Austin, Mobile Vet Care, the medical professionals will come to your house to conduct the wellness exam. They will start this process even before touching your pet. They will observe the behavior and body language of your pet and check for lameness or stiffness and signs of off-balances.

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In addition, remember that some specific health conditions can affect the overall appearance of your pet. The best example of this disease is Cushing’s Syndrome, which comes with a pot-boiled appearance and affects the hair and coating of your dog. The vet will conduct a physical exam to determine their:

· Musculature

· Hair coat

· Energy Level

· Weight

· Breathing pattern

The vet will also pay close attention to the body language of your pet. This way, they will be able to determine the things that are bothering your furry baby. Click here to know our location

They Will Conduct Behavioral Analysis

During their visit, the vets will also keep a close eye on the behavior of your dog. They will also come up with the best way to handle your pet. For example, some pets might start loving the company of the vet, whereas; others might showcase aggression or fear. Sometimes, the vet can also consider putting a muzzle over their mouth to ensure their protection during the examination.

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If your pet is super protective of you, make sure you step out of the room so that the vet can examine their health condition more effectively. This is to ensure the proper safety of the vet and other members. If your pet starts showing extreme signs of aggression, the vet might reschedule the appointment. As per Cuddle Clones, illness is one of the most common causes of aggression in dogs.

They Will Determine Weight Changes

The vets will record the Weight of your pet in each session. Whether the weight increases or decreases, they will discuss this matter with you. Therefore, make sure you let them know whether you’re intentionally helping your pet gain or lose Weight. Obesity is one of the most common problems among pets, especially dogs and cats. If your pet is obese, it will suffer from diabetes, joint disease, and other types of health conditions.


This is everything you need to know about the annual wellness exam. So if you want your pet to stay happy and healthy, make sure you contact us today.

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