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What Are Common Online Casino Bonuses?

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If you are new to online casinos, you might not know what a bonus is. Bonuses are usually given to players who have recently registered with an online casino. These bonuses can then be used to start playing, and for the most part, without the playing spending any money.

However, there are different wagering requirements for different bonuses, and each bonus works differently. If you want to learn more about online casino bonuses, such as the ones that are most common, this article will look at a few of them. Continue reading to learn more about online casino bonuses.

Free Spins

The most common bonus that online casinos give to players is the free spins bonus. As the name would suggest, the player receives a certain number of free spins that can be used while playing slot games. Texas88 recommends that if players want to play slot online games, they should weigh up the wagering requirements against the minimum cost per bet since this is what the free spins predetermined value usually is. Players should also check what games are eligible for the bonus since only some games qualify.

Deposit Bonuses

The next common bonus that you would find at an online casino would be a deposit bonus. Deposit bonuses are a bit different from free spins in the way that they require players to deposit a certain amount in order to qualify for the bonus. These bonuses usually look something like 100% up to a $500 deposit bonus. What this means is that if the player deposits money, say $100, they’d receive $100 as a bonus. Up to $500 means that if the player deposits $500 or more, they will only be matched up to $500.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are another common bonus, and these are very similar to deposit bonuses. The main difference between the reload bonus and the deposit bonus is that the player will only get this bonus if they have already deposited money previously and are just topping up their account.


This bonus usually provides a percentage of the reload deposit as a bonus. For example, the site might offer a 100% reload bonus without a max deposit. So if you reload with $1,000, you will receive $1,000 as a bonus.

No-Deposit Bonuses

Second to the free spins bonus is the no-deposit bonus, and this bonus is one of the most popular among online casino players. For this bonus, the player doesn’t need to deposit any money; they just have to create an account. However, much like other bonuses, there is a wagering requirement of X. For example, you might see a bonus like a $50 no-deposit bonus X10. This means that the player needs to wager 10 times the amount won using the bonus. If the player wins $20, they’d need to wager $200 to get their winnings.

Cashback Bonuses

Another very popular online casino bonus that players enjoy is the cashback bonus, but this bonus is usually reserved for players that play quite often. It can also be offered to players if they accept a certain amount to wager after depositing. This is because the cashback bonus adds a percentage of the money lost through wagers back to the player’s account. This percentage could be anywhere from 5-50%. In other words, if the player has lost a total of $1,000 through wagers, they might be credited with $500 back.

Free Play Bonuses

Finally, the last bonus on this list that is quite common at online casinos is the free play bonus. As the name would suggest, the free-play bonus gives players a large amount of money to play any games they want. However, these bonuses usually come with a time limit, which could be 30 minutes and above. This doesn’t mean the players get to keep their winnings. Instead, the money won using this bonus is usually added as a matched bonus that can be claimed if the player opens an account.


As you can see, there are many bonuses that a player might receive as a reward for registering with an online casino. They might get a free spins bonus, a no-deposit bonus, a deposit bonus, a free play bonus, a cashback, and more. Be sure to always read the wagering requirements of a bonus to ensure that you can withdraw your winnings.

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