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Do VIP Players Get Extra Benefits at Online Casinos in 2023?

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The abbreviation VIP stands for a ‘very important person’, and that’s exactly how casinos treat their VIPs. As online gambling becomes more and more popular, however, many are wondering if casinos still treat their regulars as VIPs. We all remember the times when casinos would go far and beyond to make their players feel like kings and queens, but has something changed as online gambling is taking a bigger swing?

In the past, casinos would give out free drinks and meals, hotel room stays, and even free chips to their regulars. Some old school players even remember times when casinos would give out free chips for just entering their venue – especially on big holidays or ladies’ nights.

We’re here to examine if VIP players still get extra benefits at high stakes online casinos such as the ones you can find at https://highstakes-casinos.com in 2023. We’ll see if they get extra perks and rewards, whether they have access to exclusive tables, and if the VIP programs are worth your time.

Special Bonuses Tailored to VIP Players’ Preferences

Although land-based casino venues started the trend of giving out bonuses to their high rollers, online casinos have mastered the art of personalization. This is especially true when it comes to VIP players and the bonuses they receive. These exclusive perks are carefully crafted to cater to the specific needs, preferences, and playing styles of high rollers.

For example, if a VIP player is an avid slot enthusiast, the casino might offer them a bonus in the form of free spins for their favorite game or software provider. And the bonuses are not meaningless in value either. Some casinos provide 100, 200, or even more free spins.

If the player prefers table games, they might receive a deposit match on every deposit they make. For example, if they have a habit of depositing before a game night, the casino might offer them a deposit match of up to a certain amount and percentage on Fridays – just before the weekend starts.


To make it even better, VIP players often get more favorable terms and conditions on the bonuses. The wagering requirements may be significantly lower, or the time frame within which the bonus can be used might be extended. All these perks are designed to make the player feel welcomed and catered to.

VIP & Loyalty Programs

Rewarding the regulars has been a common practice in casinos since the 1930s, and it still continues today. Contrary to what many believe, however, it’s not just land-based casinos that have loyalty programs. As a matter of fact, online casinos have taken the trend and improved it by emphasizing their loyalty programs and offering even more special rewards.

Reputable operator recognize the importance of client retention, and these programs are specifically designed for the VIP players. They often feature several levels, and the rewards are increasingly more generous as the player reaches a new level. The ladders often include levels such as Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, and the perks get better as players move up the ladder.

To climb the ladder, players should usually deposit and accumulate comp points by playing at the casino. Each levels requires more points to be reached. For example, if players need 300,000 points to reach the Gold level, they might need 600,000 points to reach Platinum, etc. The points can then be exchanged for free chips, free spins, cashback, or other bonuses.

Some of the best VIP programs in the industry provide monthly cash bonuses, extra bonus bets, celebration dinners worth up to $500, airfare credit, free or discounted hotel stays, credits that the player can reward to another player, and even a complimentary voyage with a top-of-the-line cruise line.

Exclusive Table Access

Many online casinos have exclusive high roller access, and to get access to one of these tables, you need to be a VIP player.


To determine your level, casinos often rely on their VIP programs, so players need to be a part of the program to participate in these tables. They usually offer higher betting limits and a more intimate experience, which makes them a true gem for high rollers.

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