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7 Reasons to Try Raised Right Dog Food

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For many dog owners, pets are not just companions – they are family. Pets deserve protection and care like any other member of the family. This applies to almost everything. The family dog should have a comfortable shelter, a warm bed, and healthy, nutritious, and canine-friendly meals.

One pet food manufacturer has raised the bar by ensuring all products meet human-grade standards. Raised Right has a variety of vet-approved pet food. Many pet owners have praised Raised Right pet food and recommended them to others. This article considers the Raised Right range of dog food and gives reasons dog owners should try it. But first, a brief about the company.

About The Company

Raised Right was established in the wake of a major pet food recall in the US. According to their website, the founders (traditionally ranchers and farmers) were concerned about the safety of commercial pet foods. Untitled

They came up with home-cooked pet food recipes, and their pets thrived. Due to their love for pets, they subjected each pet’s meal to stringent hygiene standards. Friends and neighbors caught wind of the human-grade, home-cooked pet food, and the company was born.

Today, Raised Right makes human-grade pet food that is tasty and nutritious. They supply feed for puppies and adult dogs in four main varieties: beef, pork, turkey, and chicken flavors. Here are seven reasons you should try Raised Right’s dog food range.

The Company is Owned and Run by Pet Parents Just Like You

It may not seem like a compelling reason, but it counts. A fellow pet parent knows the emotion and attachment you have to your dog. Plus, the owners of Raised Right have a heritage of farming and ranching. They know more about animals and caring for them than an average person. Not many pet food manufacturers can boast of such a heritage. When you purchase dog food from Raised Right, you can trust that the manufacturer cares about pets as much as you do.

Vet Formulated and Vet Recommended

You may know your pet well, but vets and animal nutritionists understand what food they need. Raised Right’s dog food is formulated and recommended by vets. These experts ensure you get your dog’s good health formula correct from the building blocks.

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For example, each Raised Right dog food variety has a single source of protein. Thus, the chances of allergic reactions are minimal. Also, Raised Right dog food has minimal carbs, no fillers, no artificial flavors, and no preservatives. In 2019 the company was awarded the Innovation Award for Nutrition.

Raised Right Pet Food is Safe

The company screens all its suppliers – ensuring they follow sustainable practices – and processes all its products in human-grade facilities. The ingredients are cooked lightly in a human-grade facility. Low-temperature cooking meets the USDA pathogen kill-step requirements. The products are further subjected to lab tests to ensure they are safe.

The Food is Nutritious

Nutritious food – that’s the most important tip for any dog owner looking to boost (or maintain) their dog’s health. Raised Right dog food is highly nutritious. Low-temperature cooking meets the USDA pathogen-kill step and helps maintain high moisture levels and nutritional integrity.

Raised Right was the first pet food company to voluntarily submit samples to Check Your Pet Food for independent testing. The analysis showed it matched the indications on the label and met the AAFCO’s standards for a complete & balanced diet for adult dogs.

You Can Check How Pet Food is Processed and Verify Safety Information

Many pet food manufacturers claim that their products are safe and produced under human-grade conditions. However, few willingly allow consumers to check how they prepare their pet food or verify the safety claims. Not for Raised Right pet food.

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They are transparent about how they process the products, and you can also verify the safety information. Each batch is tested for safety in a lab, and the information is uploaded on their website. You can use a code on the pack to check the safety results and trace ingredients.

Raised Right pet food is so safe they haven’t had a recall in over a decade!

You Can Customize Your Order, and They Deliver

Most pet foods come in predetermined packs. Unless you plan on preparing homemade pet food, customizing your dog’s meal is a stretch. However, Raised Right offers pet parents the opportunity to customize their orders to match their dog’s unique circumstances. They also deliver while it is fresh, and they have excellent delivery offers to trigger your interest.

Lastly, Dogs Love Raised Right Pet Food and Pet Parents are Giving Great Evaluations

Light cooking also preserves the flavor of dog food. Your dog will notice the scent and pounce on it.  Dog owners are also saying lots of great stuff about Raised Right pet food. From improved body weight to a boost in health and vitality, there are many excellent reviews of the products. Even independent reviewers speak highly of dog food from Raised Right.

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