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White Labrador Retrievers: Everything You Need to know

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White Labradors are trendy and distinctive-looking dogs. They can be seen at shows, in parks, and just when scrolling through pictures of cute dogs online.

Some people think that White Labradors are not Labradors. What do you think?

Are the dogs healthy? Healthy dogs are usually happy. If they are not, then there is a problem.

Are you thinking of adopting a white lab?

You can learn a lot about dogs. They are very friendly, and some people have them as pets. Dogs are friendly and fun to play with.

Different Types Of White Labradors

Labradors that are white or almost white because they have a different pigment than other Labradors.

Yellow Labradors

Some white Labradors have a very pale coat. They are the same as other Labradors. Their parents had the right genes to make them look like this.

Labradors are still Labradors. They have the same nose, eyes, and intelligence as other Labradors. They also have the same health risks that all Labrador dogs face. But they will not have any other risks due to their coat color.

Labradors can come in many different colors. Some are fox red, others are golden, and some are even white. White is just another natural color variation of the Labradors.

Breeders created White Labradors. To make their market bigger, they have been making the yellow color a little bit lighter over time.

Labradors of different countries have different looks. For example, white Labradors are more likely to be English Labradors than American Labradors because of the breeding history, which means they will also have a stockier, broader look.

Albino Labradors

Sometimes people’s dogs are not the same color as others.

Black Labradors can be white, and they aren’t sick like white Labradors that have albinism. Albinism is a genetic disease that affects animals, but it is rare in dogs, and only one out of twenty thousand get it.

Albinism occurs when the animal does not get color pigment. This makes their hair light and their skin very pale.

Labradors that are all white are easy to tell apart from other Labradors that have different colors. This is because they have no pigment in their eyes or nose. Therefore, their eyes can be red, blue, or brown.

Albino Labradors do not have as much pigmentation as other dogs. As a result, they are more susceptible to sun damage. This can result in tumors and skin cancer.

Their eyes can be damaged by the sun, and they may not be able to see at all.

Leucistic White Labrador

Some white Labradors are different. They are not as white as albino ones, and they have other names. Leucistic means “low pigment.” The cells that make pigment don’t go to the right place in the skin of these dogs.

This can affect the skin of all dogs, or just certain parts, similar to vitiligo in human beings. Sometimes it is difficult to tell these dogs from albino ones because they have standard eye color.

Labradors are less likely to have this condition because it is a recessive trait. Nevertheless, it can come with the same health concerns as people who lack pigment on some parts of their skin. But Labradors are not at as much risk for eye problems as they may be for skin problems.

Silver Labrador

White Labradors should not be confused with Silver Labradors. This happens when the darker pigment is mixed with lighter colors.

There is a lot of controversy about Silver Labradors. Many people say that they are a disaster for the breed.

Labradors can be registered with the Kennel Club as Chocolate. But they cannot show their dogs at a dog show. That’s just like yellow Labs that have a white coat. They are natural within the color range of Labradors and don’t have different personality traits or health conditions because of their color.

Adopting A White Labrador

There are three colors of Labradors – black, chocolate, and yellow. Black is the most common color, with chocolate being around half as familiar as black.

White Labradors are rare. Black Labradors are common. So, if you want a white one, they might be hard to find.

To find a White Labrador, you will need to find a breeder who has chosen for their dogs to be white.

However, it is not good to work with a breeder who only cares about the dog’s color. We care more about health and personality.

There are more White Labradors among English Labradors than American Labradors. It would help if you asked an English Lab breeder for help.

English Labs look different from the other dogs. They are stockier and broader in the chest and face.

Dogs have different personalities. Some are playful and silly, but they do not have as much energy. On the show circuit, they are trendy. But in homes, they make good family pets because their personality is friendly and silly.

It can be hard to tell if a Lab will grow to be a genuine White Lab when they are just a puppy. Lots of Yellow Labradors are born with very pale coats, which get darker as they get older. In addition, some parts of the skin may go yellow with sun exposure, especially the tips of their ears.

The price of a Labrador can vary. The price for this breed of dog depends on where you live and who the breeder is. A White Lab should cost about as much as any other Labrador in the litter.

You can find yellow Labrador dogs. But it would help if you did not look for Albino Labradors or Leucistic Labradors because they have health problems. But there are some Albino Labs that need homes and love, too.

American Or English Labrador?

Do you want a White Labrador? A White Labrador is either an American or English dog. You should know the difference between them.

Both dogs are excellent and funny, and they like to be around people. Both of them are smart, too. They can do all kinds of things. For example, one dog can find something when you ask it to or track someone down when you need help finding them. These dogs were bred to be great helpers for humans in all.

American Labs are those who have been bred to do work, such as hunting and fishing. English Labradors have been bred for showing in conformation shows, which means they need to look like the type of Labrador that belongs in a play.

Labradors are called English Labradors because they are more common in the UK. In the US, there is a different type of Labrador called the working style.

But, this is just how the breeds are characterized. You can also find English Labs as working dogs and American Labs competing in shows.

Labrador Retrievers are not just one type of dog. It is helpful to know what styles are. They are all registered with the Kennel Club, but there are some differences between them.

American Labs are taller than English Labs. They usually grow from 21.5 to 24.5 inches tall. English Labs start at 21.5 inches, but they rarely grow taller than 22.5 inches.

This height difference is because American Labs have longer legs than English Labs. But American Labs are also heavier, usually between 70 and 100 pounds, while English Labs are generally between 60 and 85 pounds.

The appearance of the two dogs is different. English Labs are heavier and more substantial, with a barrel chest. They also have a broader head and a fuller face with a shorter muzzle. In addition, the neck is thicker, and so is their coat (which means they will shed more).

American Labs tend to have more energy than English Labs. They need a firmer hand and lots of activity in the house. If you want an American Lab, you will probably need to be active in the place and outdoors.

An English Lab is a good choice for a family dog because they are calmer and quieter than other dogs. It is easier to train an English Lab to be show dogs. They are driven but not too much so that they will wear out their owners.

FAQs About White Labradors

Yes, White Labradors are very rare. Albinism is rare in dogs, which affects one in every 20,000. White Labradors that are pale Yellow Labradors are also rare. It is required that both parents have and pass on the genes needed for this high light color of the dog.

Exactly how big your Labrador will depend on many things. But color is not one of them. So instead, look at the size of your Labrador’s parents to make an informed decision about their future size.

If your dog is an American Labrador, it will weigh around 70-100 pounds. If they are English, they will be lighter and approximately 60-85 pounds.

White labradors will usually live about 12 years. However, if they are Albinos, they will not live as long because they have a higher chance of getting cancer and other sicknesses.


Yes, White Labradors are a type of Labrador that is purebred and is in the same category as Yellow Labradors. If someone registers them, they can be registered as a Yellow Labrador.


Labradors shed. They have a lot of hair that they leave behind, and it’s especially hard in the Spring and Fall. So you will find their coats all over your home.

Some of the hair of a White Labrador can turn yellow with sun exposure. Yellow Labs may be white when they are born, but their hair will darken over time. So, you cannot always tell if a Labrador is white during the first few months of their life.

Final Thoughts

When breeders refer to a White Labrador, they refer to a Yellow Labrador bred to have ashen fur. This is more common among English Labs than American Labs and happens because of the breeding process.

Labradors are smart. They make good family dogs and working dogs. Sometimes they show other dogs how to do things.

White Labs are not the same as Albino Labs or Leucistic Labs. These dogs are not born with pigment in their skin. This can be a health problem if they are outside in the sun. Some White Labs need homes, but they need special care because of their condition.

Do you have any experience with white Labradors? Tell the community what you think.

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