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Use Dog Grooming Cages in 2023 For Better Results

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If you’re a professional dog groomer, installing dog grooming cages will add to your peace of mind and make it easier to groom pets when you’re super busy. The cages keep you organized and enable you to move pets to “drip-dry” until the next grooming activity.

Customized Cage Designs

Grooming cages keep pets secure and safe before and after pet grooming. You can use dog grooming cages in 2023 that are designed and inset in banks for several different sizes of canines. You’ll love the functionality of the modular cages, which you can separate into smaller sections. Therefore, customization is not an exception – but a rule.

A bank of cages may be set up and integrated into a pet holding space so dogs of different breeds, heights, and weights can fit into the cages. Banks of cages are made with high-grade stainless steel, which makes the temporary housing both strong and simple to clean.

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Because of each cage’s stable design, the modularly designed housing stands up well to ongoing use or transport. Besides grooming sites, cage banks are often added to vet clinics and kennels. Any place that receives a lot of canine traffic can benefit from a cage installation, whether it’s permanent or temporary.

Make Quality Your First Priority

When selecting dog grooming cages and configuring a cage bank, you need to make quality a priority. Don’t select cages based purely on price, as this one-time investment can bring you years of use if you place the cages’ design and materials first.

Using a Cage Dryer

If you’re a high-volume dog groomer, you might want to consider one or two cage dryers as well. The dryers blow a dog’s hair dry while it sits in a cage. You can choose from several types of cage dryer styles too. While some dryers are made to dry one dog at a time, others feature nozzles that allow groomers to dry several dogs at once. The use of a cage bank and cage dryers allows a dog groomer to attend to more dogs during a workday, thereby making grooming more efficient overall.

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Some dogs may be anxious or nervous during bath time. When a dog is put in a cage and dried with a cage dryer, they often calm down, making it easier for you to continue with grooming. Just remember that dogs should never be left unattended when a cage dryer is used. You don’t want to overheat the cage area.

Final Thoughts About Grooming Cages and Cage Dryers

Whether you’re a busy groomer that needs to use cages to support the traffic in your business or wish to expand your services, buying a bank of cages will keep you well-managed and increase customer confidence. As dog ownership continues to grow, your need for the right animal accessories has to keep pace with the related ongoing demand.

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