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Everything You Need to know about Silver Labrador Retrievers

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This article tells about the Silver Labrador Retrievers dog. It talks about their looks and how they are controversial. If you want to know more, keep reading!

Labradors are a dog. They have a pretty fur coat, and some people think they might be mixed with other dogs. But some people don’t think so. Some of those people say that Labrador is the best dog ever.

The Silver Lab is a dog that some people like, and some people do not. People have different theories about how this dog got his silver coat. Some clubs and breeders do not agree on this topic.

Let’s look at the facts about silver labradors. You will know if this dog is for you when you finish. If you are reading this, you are either curious or have a lot of drama in your life!

Silver Lab History and Controversy

The Labrador Retriever is a dog. He likes to hunt and swim in the water. A lot of people like him because he is a good hunter and swimmer. He used to work on fishing boats, but now he mostly hunts things in the water.

A long time ago, there was a dog called the St. Johns Dog. He looked like a Labrador Retriever, but he was black. English nobles took him back to Britain and changed how he looked. Now people like him worldwide – it’s because of these people that he is now loved by families everywhere!

Some people think that the Silver Labrador is a purebred Labrador, just like any other color. But some believe that it is an American dog with the breed of Lab and Weimaraner.

An unresolved debate started when Kellogg’s Kennels advertised “rare grey Labradors” for sale in the 1950s. This made many Labrador breeders and fans worldwide ask questions about where this silver color came from. The same debate exists with other lab colors, like red fox labs.

It is not an official color, but the Silver Lab can be registered as a Labrador. They can also be registered as a Chocolate Labrador with the AKC.

It is possible to be registered as a “non-recognized color” in the United Kingdom’s version of the AKC. Some people are not sure how familiar Silver Labradors are. The controversy is making people more aware of them.

1st Theory: The Silver Lab as a Purebred Labrador

People who are against this type of Labrador say that they have never been around. But some people think that silver Labradors always existed. They told me that silver Labradors were either recorded as non-recognized or immediately euthanized to prevent their genes from entering the Labrador gene pool.

Until the 1950s, people were not able to register a Silver Labrador. This is because they would be mixed breeds and euthanized. So the first kennel to advertise Silver Labradors was Kellogg’s Kennel.

Supporters believe that the answer to this question lies in genetics. The British refined the Labrador into what we know today. They used a black dog from St John’s and a dog from Chesapeake Bay Retriever, brown.

The Labrador Retriever does have a rare gene. It is possible that the Labrador Retriever inherited this rare gene so that the Silver Labrador would be purebred.

Silver Labradors are rare. Silver Labradors were bred to become more common. The silver color started in the UK but has moved its way over here and has both bench and show lines.

2nd Theory: The Silver Lab as a Mixed Breed

Those against having the Silver Lab be purebred think that the Weimaraner’s genes got mixed into the gene pool. They look similar to a Labrador, but they have silver fur.

Crist Culo Kennels and Beaver Creek Labradors are the two original Labrador dog breeders. The dogs that they bred came from a litter that was made in 1950 by Kellogg’s Kennels. Because silver Labrador dogs are rare, these original breeders had to cross their dogs with close relatives to make them silver.

Some people are worried that breeding color into Labradors will cause problems. These people think that dogs with colors will not work because they might have health problems. But other people say these worries are not valid because these dogs are mixed breeds, and they would not be purebreds.

Some people say that Silver Lab breeders are only in it for the money. They argue that these breeders don’t care about Labrador dogs. Instead, they want to make as many Silver Labs as possible, even if it is terrible for the dog’s health.

The breed of a dog should not be mixed. This is a bad thing to do, and people who care about dogs should object. But there are still enough Silver Labs around to make it okay. Mixing breeds is not done by good breeders and has never been proved wrong in the past.

Silver Labrador Color Genetics

The color of a silver Labrador is often called a diluted version of the brown color. This is because often, in genetic terms, the color variations are labeled as a dilute gene which causes the “watered down” color variation.

Genes control coat colors. There is the B and E gene for Black, Chocolate, and Yellow. The silver color is different, though, because the D gene controls it. That D gene is present in all standard Labrador colors.

The gene acts as a switch. It is on for full-color and off for diluted. To understand more about it, genes come in pairs. One of these pairs is the big ‘D’ and little ‘d’. The big D produces full strength coat color, and the little d has a dilute color.

A Silver Lab is a light brown color, so here are the possible gene pairings and colors for a Chocolate Labrador:

  • Chocolate Labrador: DD
  • Chocolate Labrador: Dd
  • Silver Labrador: dd

The big D is always dominant. Sometimes a pup has two copies of the dilute gene, and then it will have light fur. So, for a Silver Lab to appear, the puppy needs two copies of the dilute gene. Only one copy of the dilute gene will be in that pup if there are three different genes.

Certain breeds of dogs, such as Weimaraners, have two minor d genes. This is why the recent appearance of two minor d genes in Chocolate Labradors has enabled the Silver Labrador to appear. Therefore, this is why there is controversy about it.

In the Ring

There is no proof that this color of the breed can be proven. The Silver lab can participate in events, but they cannot compete in show events. If you buy a dog for the sole reason of showing it, you already know that it won’t be a problem.

Many people want to make a dog breed that can compete in the ring, but other people do not want this.

Silver Lab Appearance

A silver Labrador is like any other Labrador color, but his color is different. Many people call him brown, but some say that he has a shimmery silver color.

Silver Labradors can be different colors. This is based on their parents and genes. Their noses are usually brown and their eyes are light-yellow. Many pups will have light-blue eyes before they are eight months old, gradually turning into a pale yellow.

Some people say that Silver Labs are more like Weimaraners because they have ears different from Labrador’s and their muzzles are thinner. But other people think Silver Labs look like Labradors.

Male Silver Labs measure 22.5 to 24.5 inches and weigh 65 to 80 pounds. Females are smaller and weigh 55 to 70 pounds. They are big, but not too big or too small, and they have a good shape that is proportional.

Silver Labs have a happy expression and a strong muzzle. They also have an otter-like tail that they use to steer themselves in the water.

Silver Lab Temperament

The Silver Lab is a dog that wants to be friends with you. He will obey and serve you if you train him. He will always stay by your side and help out, too! If you want a good friend dog with you, then the Silver Lab might be your best choice.

He is a friendly puppy that likes to play with you and have fun in the pool. He will bring back anything you throw for him. He will play all day long and entertain you and your whole family.

This dog is very loyal. He will snuggle with everyone in the room. This dog can also be socialized from a young age. If he is, he will like small children and other animals too. But there’s a downside to this: sometimes this dog might have separation anxiety when you’re not around.

He is a happy dog, and he is very active. He also likes to meet new people. As a result, he has been the most popular dog breed for over 23 years!

Silver Lab Exercise and Training

Silver Labs are dogs that like to work. Therefore, they need 60 minutes of exercise each day. That is not enough, though! They also need intense training to use up their energy if they don’t get enough exercise.

Silver Labradors need to exercise every day. Dog harnesses are suitable for walking or running. They also enjoy playing fetch, taking part in agility courses, and interactive games. Of course, being the original fisherman’s friend, they still love to swim!

Silver Labradors are very intelligent. This is one of the main reasons they are often used in jobs requiring intelligence, like search and rescue, drug detection, and guide dogs for the blind.

Dogs are intelligent, and they want to please you. They will do this if you train them. You should have toys for them to play with when they get bored!

Silver Lab Health and Nutrition

The Silver Labrador is a dog that lives for about 10-12 years. You will need to be prepared for the following health issues:

  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

This is a common health issue for most dog breeds. The joints of the hip and elbow form abnormally, and this can cause pain and arthritis.

  • Exercise-Induced Collapse

If someone exercises too much, they may start to have trouble moving. The pup can have difficulty walking. The dog might collapse or have difficulty moving its legs. Usually, the dog has this problem for up to 25 minutes, but sometimes it can go away right away. The best thing you can do is lookout for the symptoms of the problem.

  • Color Dilution Alopecia

This is found in dogs that have the dd gene. It only happens sometimes, and it might lead to this alopecia (dryness). The bacteria can live in the hair follicles and make your skin dry. Antibiotics can help fix it.

The average Labrador will eat around 3 cups of food. It should be a large breed formula made for labs, and they will also eat other things like treats and food from the ground. You should monitor how much your lab eats to avoid weight problems and ensure it gets enough nutrients. Give your dog some treats and try not to give him high-calorie foods like cheese. You might be his friend right now, but he won’t thank you when he has joint problems later because of all the weight on his joints.

Silver Lab Grooming

The Silver Labrador has a double coat. This is because he needs to stay warm in the cold. His undercoat is thick and dense. It’s also water and ice-resistant so that he can stay in the water for long periods without getting sick. Their outer coat of his is short and coarse for protection against the cold weather.

Labradors shed a lot. They need to be brushed every week or two. You will need to bathe them every six weeks to not smell foul from all the water and mud they love.

Silver Lab Breeders and Puppy Prices

The average cost for a Labrador Retriever puppy is $900 and up. But if you want a Silver Labrador Retriever, the price will be higher because they are rare. On average, the price will be between $1,250 and $1,500.

Buying a puppy from a breeder will ensure that you pay the right price and get a healthy pup.

Should I get a Silver Labrador?

Do you want him to do registered hunting and obedience trials? As mentioned before, the Silver Labrador is not recognized by the official kennel clubs. In addition, on the registration form, there is no ‘Silver Labrador’ tick box.

If you register your pup as Chocolate or not recognized, they will be less desirable than Labradors of other colors. Other Labradors may have an opinion about this. If competing is important to you, then be prepared for this opinion. If it’s the deciding factor, consider another color Labrador instead.

Anti-silver campaigners say that inbreeding has led to health problems. But there is no evidence of this. So please don’t be worried about it yet.

Labradors are like other pets. Some Labradors may have alopecia. Breeders will not breed their relatives or siblings because the gene pool is big enough to avoid this problem.

Some people think that we buy Labrador puppies just for money. But this is not true. If you believe your puppy from a good breeder, then his parents must be health tested and registered by the AKC. This way, you know that your puppy has been through the same testing as any dog of the same breed and color.

Final Thoughts

There is no proof that the Silver Labrador is a purebred or a mixed breed. Therefore, the history of their color will always be unknown.

Secondly, and most importantly, Silver Labradors are pups that make great family pets. You both will be happy if he is healthy. As long as you are ready to have a dog, you will have a long life together!

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