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Red Fox Lab: Everything You Need to know

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Red Fox Lab: There is some controversy about Red Fox Lab pups. Many Labrador breeders and enthusiasts don’t like the coat color. Find out why in this article, and learn everything you need to know about this pup!

The Red Fox Lab is a beautiful dog. It is like any other Labrador but the color of a red fox. Despite being called red, it is just darker than the yellow Labrador.

Labradors are energetic and fun to be around. They are also gentle with their family. This is why they make excellent family pets. The color of their coat is not essential, nor does it impact the rest of them or how they behave or have health issues.

People don’t argue about the Red Fox Lab compared to other colors, but he is not a purebred Labrador. He is gaining popularity with many fans. He is striking and has an alternative color. Let’s take a closer look at him now.


Labrador Retrievers are from Canada. They were hunting dogs who went to the water and got animals for their masters, like ducks and fish. St John’s Dog is the Labrador Retriever’s ancestor. The nobles from England saw him working, and they liked him so much that they took him back to their country.

Labrador Retrievers are a type of dog that was first created many years ago. They changed the breed and called him the Labrador Retriever. Labradors were first registered in America in 1917, and they have become trendy all around the world.

There’s a lot of mystery about the Red Fox Lab. They used to be a rare color. I don’t know precisely when they were born, but I think they might have been not registered or lost when people found out what color they were.

Prejudice in the Show Ring

The Red Fox Lab is the same as a yellow Labrador. The red Lab does not exist. The yellow color is described in the Labrador breed standards as follows:

Yellows can range in color from red to light cream. The hair on the ears, back, and underside of the dog will be shaded differently.

So, the Fox Red is yellow. Because of this, he is allowed to be shown in the conformation ring. This is a competition based on the Labrador breed characteristics as a whole. But because of his color, there has been prejudice against him in the canine world two-fold.

Firstly, the Red Fox Lab is not a color on its own. Most people can see that this dog is different from yellow Labradors. If you want your dog to be registered with the AKC, it must be registered as a yellow Labrador.

Secondly, despite being allowed to compete in the show ring and other events, many think judges mark him less favorably. This is because he is not a traditional or light color.

Labradors should be a specific color. If your Labrador isn’t the right color, then he is less likely to win. But if he does best, you know that he is a good Labrador and not just lucky.

Red Fox Lab Color Genetics Explained

All of the genes that we get come from our parents. There are two copies of each gene, and sometimes they can be big or small. The big and small versions might be called dominant and recessive genes.

The default color of a Labrador is black. This is because they have two genes called BB. So, a black Labrador could have Bb genes. The little b gene doesn’t usually show its power because the big B switches it off. But when a dog has a bb gene, he will be brown chocolate color instead of black.

The Red Fox Lab is not the only one. The Fox Yellow Lab, and in turn, the yellow Lab, are linked to it. This might be hard to understand because you must follow this link between them all.

To get a yellow Labrador, you need the gene that switches off the brown and black color. These are called e genes. They come in EE, Ee, and ee. So if you have EE, Ee, or ee, then your Labrador will be yellow.

In the EE or Ee format, you still have a black or brown Labrador. The Red Fox Lab is just another color for yellow. Two different genes control this color: A and C. The A gene controls the production of the red color, and C contains how much it will look like the real thing.

Different genes of a fox can produce different colors. For example, the Fox Red is rare because it has many other color genes.

Red Fox Lab Appearance

The Red Fox Lab is hard to find. He is the same as any other Lab, except his coat is different. It’s darker than most Lab coats, but it’s still yellow.

This is just as common as the white Labrador being described as being a lighter shade of yellow. However, his color is labeled Fox Red because it is precisely that, the color of a red fox. Other breeds of retrievers have a similar coloring (like the golden retriever) which means that both retriever breeds can have a red coat color.

Labradors can have pink around their noses and mouths. Sometimes they have white spots on their bellies too. This might be because the sites show up better on dark skin than light skin.

Male Red Fox Lab is the same size as any other Labrador. The female Red Fox Lab is more minor but still significant. They are stocky dogs with thick necks and tails. Their eyes are full of mischief!

Red Fox Labs are not bred for confirmation shows. English Red Fox Labs are rare because they were never bred for these purposes. Instead, more of an American Red Fox Lab is more commonly bred for hunting.

If you like the color of the Fox Red coat, but you don’t want a Labrador, then it might be interesting to know that he can often be mistaken for a Vizsla. This is because they have the same facial expression and large ears, and they are both red. But he is more athletic in appearance.

Some people say that the Red Fox Lab is not a purebred Labrador, but there is no evidence. They think he is mixed with a Vizsla. The Labrador community does not believe this because there is no evidence yet.

Red Fox Lab Temperament

The Red Fox Lab is similar in temperament to any colored Labrador, says the American Kennel Club. He is friendly, active, and outgoing. He will keep you on your toes! He will shower you with affection.

He likes playing. He is a friendly and confident dog who will do anything for you. He likes sleeping on the sofa when he’s done playing. And he is good with other animals or children, as long as they have been appropriately socialized from a puppy.

The only difference between the Red Fox Lab and any other color Labrador is that they might be a little louder. This may be because there are not as many of them around, so one barky ancestor could make them all barky. So this may not happen in your Red Fox Lab, but you can’t know for sure.

Fox Red Lab Exercise and Training

The Red Fox Lab is a dog that needs to do at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. This should include high-intensity training. The best practices for this type of dog are swimming in the local lake, retrieving sticks, or going to agility events.

Labradors are intelligent dogs. Labradors are one of the most popular assistance dogs for people who are blind. They also do well in many other jobs.

It can be tough to train your dog sometimes. They need to obey you, and they need you to keep them busy with toys.

Fox Red Lab

Fox Red Labs Health

The Fox Red Labrador‘s life span is, on average, about 10 to 12 years. Generally, he is healthy with no concerns. The color of his coat does not make him less healthy than other Labrador dogs.

A person who wants to buy a Labrador needs to know about these health problems. It would help if you got tested for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia. Also, you need an eye exam because some dogs can go blind with Progressive Retinal Atrophy.

Fox Red Labs Nutrition

Labradors eat around 3 cups of food every day. They are always hungry. If they are red, it does not matter. The POMC is the part of their DNA that tells them when they are full. Labrador Retrievers do not have this part of their DNA like other dogs do.

This means that your Red Lab will always be hungry. Therefore, to avoid obesity, you should control their food and feed them foods appropriate for their breed.

Fox Red Lab

Fox Red Lab Grooming

Fox Red Labs need to be groomed in the same way as any other canine. Compared to other breeds, they are considered heavy shedders. In addition, they have a two-layer coat for when it gets colder outside which keeps them warm.

However, he sheds a lot during shedding season. During this time, you will need to brush him every day. His coat will be manageable when he is not clearing, and you can brush it once or twice a week.

Breeders and Puppy Price

A Labrador Retriever puppy will cost about $1,000. And it can go up to the price of $1,000. The rarer ones are called Fox Red Labs. They will cost more than the average because there are not many of them.

A Fox Red Labrador will cost more than a yellow or black Lab. However, he is less common than those Labradors, and so he might cost a little more.

Many Lab enthusiasts say that a reputable breeder should not charge more for a rare color. But if the dog is healthy and you want this color, you should expect to pay more for it.

Many AKC breeders have pups for sale. The Labrador Retriever Club also lists registered breeders, state by state.

You can adopt a Labrador Retriever by finding the rescue groups listed state by state, who are dedicated to rehoming Labradors. If you want a Fox Red Lab as a pet, you will have to invest more time looking for it, but it will be worth it when you find your soulmate.

Fox Red Lab

Frequently Asked Questions

Labrador colors do not matter when it comes to how they are. It is better to find out what you want a Labrador for. Do you want a family pet? Or do you want a dog that can go to events? Yellow Labradors are better for going in competitions.


Yes, he is always going to be red. He is not going to turn into a black labrador. But when he is born, he will be darker than what you see now. Then over the next few weeks, his color will lighten up again. Then, of course, it changes again in the following months too.

The color of your dog will change to look like the color of a fox. The ears are the closest color to what his coat will be. When he is 2 or 3 years old, his skin will stay that color.

No, despite what people say, there is no evidence to suggest that he is related to the Hungarian Vizsla. The current evidence suggests that the Fox Red Lab is a purebred Labrador. They are simply a darker shade of yellow.

The Vizsla looks like the Labrador Retriever. The Vizsla has a coat that is the same color as the Labrador Retriever and has a more petite build. But they are not related.

When registering your dog, you can choose if they are AKC. If they are not registered, then you need to write them as a yellow coat. This is because they may have an advantage over other dogs with a more pure yellow coat because of the AKC’s rules. But for agility competitions, it does not matter what color their coat is.

It is not known where the color of a red coat came from. When it first appeared, it was looked at with scrutiny, and those dogs were not bred. Breeders didn’t want the color to continue. However, breeders have embraced the paint now, and these pups are only bred for their beautiful red coats.

Final Thoughts

Labs are kind of like sunshine. They’re not much different than the other labs, except in their coat color. This pup is rare, and it’s hard to find them. But, his coat is bright and makes a statement in the dog world.

If you are lucky, you might get this guy. Unfortunately, he is not well-liked at the kennel club. But if you don’t mind that, he will be your friend for life!

Do you have any experience with white Labradors? Tell the community what you think.

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